Qi Wireless Charging, Portable Power Bank by TORRO

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Wireless Charging, Portable Power Bank by TORRO – For Qi Compatible Smartphones plus USB charging point for dual charging


If your smartphone is a Qi ready device such as a iPhone X / iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus. Galaxy S8 / S8+ / S7 or Edge device, take full advantage of this technology by removing the need for cables with the TORRO wireless charger. Simply place your device on the front of the unit in charge mode and the clever chipset will detect the Qi chip in your device and commence charging. 

This power bank will also travel with you and act as a portable powerbank with it’s lithium charged battery allowing up to three additional charges for your mobile device whilst out and about.

The unit also has a neat USB port to the rear of the charger which enables dual charging; 1 Qi device and a further USB device making it ideal for Apple WATCH / Smartwatch / iPad and tablet users to charge their devices minimising the use of wall socket power points. Both charging elements are available in portable mode.

LED indicators on the front of the unit give visual indictors to show what charging point is being used; Qi or USB and the lithium battery charge level when being used portable.

Please check your device is Qi compatible, Qi devices have been tested in Genuine Leather TORRO cases and are compatible with this unit. A range of TORRO wireless converting cases are available for iPhone as the iPhone itself does not have built in Qi compatibility.


  • Input: DC 5V / 2A
  • output (Wireless): 5V / 1A
  • output (USB): 5V / 3A max
  • 10400 mAh built-in battery with output 5V/3A max
  • provides 2-3 extra battery life for most smartphones
  • compatible with any 5V device, smartphone or tablet
  • >charge Qi wirelessly or with wire.

What’s in the box?

  • TORRO Qi charger
  • micro USB to USB cable
  • User manual.

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