About us

TORRO is a small company based in the North East of England. Established in 2013, William Johnson and Michael Farnsworth set about to create, stylish, premium leather cases and covers for their mobile devices. The company ethos was and remains to make stylish products that the creators design with the intention to use themselves. This concept quickly caught on with the public at large. TORRO has grown tremendously by continuously improving upon designs and providing exceptional service to the growing TORRO community. 

TORRO is now a worldwide brand servicing fans all over the globe and have extended the range from just mobile device protection to everyday fashion accessories and clothing. The range has been extended based on requests and feedback from TORRO fans who have encouraged the company to extend their commitment to well designed, high quality materials to other accessories they seek to be made by TORRO.


Why choose a TORRO case?

TORRO cases are all handmade using specifically selected premium quality leather from all over the world. The designs are all well thought out to be functional and practical as well as stylish with everyday use in mind.

TORRO cases are all handmade using specifically selected premium quality leather from all over the world. The designs are all well thought out to be functional and practical as well as stylish with everyday use in mind.

TORRO Leather wallet case

If you have purchased a flagship smartphone, providing it with some form of protection is generally the first thought following admiration of your new device. Some people decide to go for ultra protection and wish for military grade rubber protectors to prevent any form of damage through drops, heat and water exposure.


        The TORRO 2 tone leather stand case

At TORRO we make cases we wish to use ourselves and have aimed to make sleek, stylish leather covers that will absorb the rigours of everyday use and take the wear and tear damage that would without a case be administered to the device itself. Likened to a form of insurance cover, a TORRO case can cost as little as 48p per week when a £25 case is used for a year to absorb the everyday wear which would otherwise damage the handset and does this dangerous job whilst supplementing the aesthetics of the devices original design.

Most people purchase a case for this reason, few will go for the ultra protection option due to their lifestyle but in the main people simply want to keep the device itself in good condition due it's high value and aesthetically pleasing design. At TORRO we wish to supplement this with high quality leather, well designed at an affordable cost to complement the device itself. We believe that unless your lifestyle is such that the device needs additional rubber protection that for day to day use it is nonsensical to hide your expensive, beautifully designed device in an ugly cover. 


TORRO Tan leather stand case

Why Leather ?

There are some very robust cheaper synthetic materials available some case brands tend to use however TORRO are committed to using only the finest materials and premium leathers available.

When the smartphone movement gathered momentum in the late 2000s, the device manufacturers quickly moved to make their own cases and accessories. They tended to offer two options; leather or silicon. At TORRO we decided that such well designed devices needed premium quality material to protect it so decided leather would be our core business. We have selected premium leather sourced worldwide including the USA and Italy to make our cases. With leather being a natural product, it is wonderful that every case has a slightly different appearance and is unique to the owner of that case. Although leather is not an indestructible material and is subject to show wear and tear, with careful use it has a beautiful appearance compared with the alternatives. Mobile devices are probably the most handled and used items in anyones daily life and although every case wears differently depending on use we are delighted to hear from customers that they have switched to TORRO cases from the device manufacturers leather options as they are priced substantially more competitively and wear for a significantly longer period of time.
TORRO iPad case in Italian leather


How to care for my case?

TORRO cases are hand made and each case is individually inspected to maintain quality synonymous with the TORRO brand.

 case in the sandLeather being a natural product with individual appearance in every case will benefit from care. TORRO have developed a leather care kit which includes a leather cleaner and waterproofing solution to add a layer of protection to the leather surface. All cases will wear from day one and begin to absorb the day to day damage that would otherwise be applied to the device itself which it was purchased to avoid. Through your daily use the case will be subject to oils from your hands, dust, dirt, sweat, rain, oils and lotions as well as a multitude of substances from placement of the phone in a numbers of places as part of your everyday life. Of course this is the reason the case was purchased, to protect the handset itself from this rigorous daily use and your case will absorb everyday impact and wear.

We recommend however that the more the user can limit exposure to oils, fluid, heat, dust and foodstuffs the longer the case will maintain it’s original appearance. Like a pair of leather shoes, if they were worn all day everyday for every activity you perform, you would expect to see some significant wear however they do the job of keeping your feet dry and safe. TORRO perform this function for your expensive device, the more use and handling of the device, the more the TORRO cover will absorb the impacts and the leather will be stressed.

UK and Worldwide Shipping

TORRO offer fast and free UK shipping. All orders will be dispatched within 1 business day. Worldwide customers will be charged a shipping fee, this charge may vary on multiple orders. 


24/7 Customer Support

Your satisfaction is our primary concern and we want you to be happy with your purchase. Our customer service team are ready to help. We offer 24hr email customer support. Phone lines are open business hours: 0044191 2705143 (Please see Customer Support and Returns page for further details). customer service staff